InSEA World Congress, Vancouver 2019

Delegates Digital Exhibition 

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Hilar Project 

Download here the catalogue 



ARTgila Project 

  Crearte Project, Spain, UJaen,  2016

Download Here the Catalogue


Collection of children's drawings exhibited in MOMA; NY, US, 1957
Collected Students Drawings in the 2008 InSEA Exhibition, OSAKA world Congress, Japan. 

InSEA Exhibition  UNDERdLights, 2015

Curator: Ana Barbero



Dowwnload Here the catalogue of InSEA SelfPortraits Exhibition 2014

Curator: Ana Barbero


Dowwnload here the catalogue of Exhibition Send a Visual Message 

PORUKE/MESS@GESS, From: Students aged 12 – 19, 2013 (2014, 2015). Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic >


Dowwnload Here the catalogue of BOL-PAIN 2010

BOL/PAIN  Feeling of pain in artwork of women artist-educators expressed in the medium of digital photo, 2010.Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 

 Dowwnload Here the catalogue of Bol/PAIN, 2011

BOL/PAIN :  Feeling of pain in artwork of students aged 12 – 19, 2011,.Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 

Dowwnload Here the catalogue of JOY-Radost 2012

JOY/Radost :  Feeling of joy in digital photos of students aged 12 – 19, 2012. Org : Mirjana Tomasevic Dancevic 

UNESCO Arts Education Week  -

 InAE Online Exhibition 2015

"My Dream of Peace"

Colllected drawings about wishes of peace from children around the world collected by Friendship Force International and International Paint Pals ( 2015).


Raw Material- InSEA 2015

 Students art works collected during 2015 ( Norway and Brazil)