Meet art educators from around the world. Participate, Share advocacy resources; research and praxis in art education.

“Education through art is a natural means of learning at all periods of the development of the individual, fostering values and disciplines essential for full intellectual, emotional and social development of human beings in a community' (InSEA Constitution).

Who We Are

The International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) is a non-governmental organization and official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO). InSEA governance follows the established Constitution  and Bylaws. InSEA formally came into being with the adoption of its constitution at the First General Assembly held in Paris in July 1954 and was legally incorporated in Franklin County, Ohio on February 4th, 2009 as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to encourage and advance creative education through art, design  and crafts in all countries and promote international understanding. The Society applies to the United States Internal Revenue Service for recognition as a tax exempt charitable educational and cultural organization  

International Society for Education through Art
280 E. Lincoln Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214

Tax Id #: 26-1804455.

OUR Mission

Advocacy, networking and the advancement of research and praxis  in art education. 


InSEA has established an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education providing a world-wide networking platform to the members. InSEA intends to help members to publish  research and praxis articles in the InSEA journals IJETA and IMAG; books and catalogues mainly in electronic forms. InSEA holds  World Congresses   during which members come together to share insights and build stronger networks. Between world congresses, InSEA members are invited to regional congresses and seminars held in several sites around the world. At each World Congress, InSEA honors outstanding art educators with five special awards. These awards are the Sir Herbert Read Award, the Mahmoud El-Bassiouny Award; the Edwin Ziegfeld Award,  doctoral research Award and  Research award. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and fellow members.

The use of the name and logo of InSEA , is subject to rules laid down by the Executive Board of InSEA.