Meet art educators from around the world. Participate, share advocacy resources; research and praxis in art education.

“Education through art is a natural means of learning at all periods of the development of the individual, fostering values and disciplines essential for full intellectual, emotional and social development of human beings in a community' (InSEA Constitution).

Who We Are

The International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) is a non-governmental organization and official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization UNESCO). InSEA governance follows the established Constitution  and Bylaws. InSEA formally came into being with the adoption of its constitution at the First General Assembly held in Paris in July 1954 and was legally incorporated in Franklin County, Ohio between  February 4th, 2009  and September 2019 as a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to encourage and advance creative education through art, design  and crafts in all countries and promote international understandingTax Id #: 26-1804455) . In July 2019 the Society was registered in Portugal as IntSEA - International Society for Education Through Art ( IntSEA- Sociedade Internacional de Educação Através da Arte) as a nonprofit organization and  therefore applies to the European and Portuguese Laws. 

In 2019 InSEA membership includes 1184  professional and organisational  members in 72 countries from the following fields of interest:  art education; arts; community-based art; environmental art; activist art; arts-based action research; education; inclusive  education, cultural education; cultural education; interdisciplinary; cultural diversity; advocacy for art education, teacher training; museum & gallery education; education for sustainable development; curriculum development; professional development; research in art education; informal education. 

OUR Mission

Advocacy, networking and the advancement of research and praxis  in art education. 


InSEA has established an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research and praxis in art education by providing a world-wide networking platform for its members. InSEA aims to help members share ideas and projects in addition to promoting dialogue about the contribution art can make to education. Our members share methods and practices in art education; collaborate on international projects promoting awareness of  cultural diversity and  can publish reports of research and praxis  in the Society’s peer-reviewed journals -  IJETA and IMAG, books and catalogues mainly in electronic forms. InSEA organizes a World Congress every two years; thematic seminars and several Regional Congresses in the intervening years in different countries around the world. At these events, members come together to share insights and build a stronger network. InSEA honours outstanding art educators with a total of five special international awards at World and Regional Congresses. The Society is regularly consulted on national and international art, cultural and education policy, for example art education in schools, universities, museums and other cultural institutions as well as wider educational provision such as lifelong, community and social organisations.

Country Presence: 

 InSEA formally came into being with the adoption of its constitution at the First General Assembly held in Paris in July 1954 and was legally incorporated in Franklin County, Ohio on February 4th, 2009 as a non-profit organization. It is the largest international organisation for (visual) art education in the world. In 2019, InSEA membership includes 1200 professional and organizational members in 74 countries.

Field of Interest:
art education; research in art education; visual arts; teacher education; cultural education; community and inclusive education; community -based art; environmental art; activist art: Arts based action research peace education; environmental education; interdisciplinary; cultural diversity; advocacy and cultural mediation; arts therapy.
Organizational Structure:
InSEA Distinguished Members 

Aimée Humbert ( ..., 2018); Albert Hurwitz (1920-2012);  Brent Wilson (1950-2013); Brian Allison (1931-2000);   Elliot Eisner ( 1933-2014);  Irene Wojnar; Josip Roca ( 1922-2016); Mahmoud El-Bassiouny; Edwin Ziegfeld (1902-1987) ; Stuart MacDonald ( 1948-2016); Gilbert Clark (February 23, 1928-October 23, 2018); Prabha Sahasrabudhe (1/28/28-1/27/19)