The IMAG Projectpp. 4-7.

Teresa Torres de Eça & Ana Maria Barbero Franco

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.0

Volume 1

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Finnish Art Education on the Move. pp. 8-13

Martina  Paatela-Nieminen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.1

Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Students' Depictions of Their Gender Roles in the Context of Finland/Europepp.19-27

Anniina Suominen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.2

Changing the Course of Art Education Students’ Art Studies in Aalto University,  pp.28-47

Mira Kallio-Tavin & Minna Suoniemi

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.3

Social Semiotics and Art Education in a Blended Learning Space,  pp.48-55

 Hannah Kaihovirta & Minna Rimpilä

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.4

The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young Peoplepp.57-61

Anu Hietala

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.5

From Art School to Basic Education in the Arts, pp.62-74

 Elisse Heinimaa

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.22

Colourful Cultures as the Theme in Visual Art Education, pp.75-91

Heli Tiainen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.6

Discovering the ART in ARCHITECTUREpp. 92-105

Pihla Meskanen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.21

Art NAVIGATOR2. What was done and why - Children´s Cultural Centre , pp.106-119

 Marketta Urpo-Koskinen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.7

Play, Interaction, Experiences – Exhibitions for Children in Annantalo, pp.121-132

 Kaisa Kettunen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.8

Architectural Education Explores the Everyday Living Environment, pp.133-143

Mervi Eskelinen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.9

The Experiential Colour Workshop for Babiespp.144-149

Päivi Setälä

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.10

Multiprofessional Collaboration and Creativity: Children's Cultural Centers are Close Partners to Each Other in Finland, pp.150-158

Saara Vesikansa

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.11

The Finnish Association for Museum Educati Pedaali, pp.159-163

 Saara Klemetti

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.12

Sinebrychoff Art Museum - Museums Connecting with Senior Citizens. pp.164-173

 Leena Hannula

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.13

The Association of Art Teachers in Finland. 110 Years of Collaboration and Development of Art Education, pp.174-181

 Anna Linna

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.14

An Integrative Approach to Teaching Visual Arts in Teacher Education, pp.183-194

Seija Kairavuori & Leena Knif

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.15

Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tales as Starting Points for Multiliteral Accumulations, pp.195-209

Kauko Komulainen & Martina Paatela-Nieminen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.16

Picturing Voice: Visual Methods and Children’s Voices in Finnish Education, pp.210-222

Kristiina Kumpulainen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.23

ICT Competences in Art Education – Sample Finnish Practices,  pp.223-235

Martina Paatela-Nieminen & Leena Knif

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.17

Sibelius and the World of Art: Experience and Expression through Music and Imagery in Arts Educational Studies,  pp.236-251

Inkeri Ruokonen & Erica Othman

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.18

Sensitivity, Processes and Cultural Competence in the TAIKAVA-project, pp.252-267

Sinikka Rusanen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.19

A Coming Into Being: Learning Multimodal Literacy in Pre-School Through Digital Production, pp.268-280

Sara Sintonen  & Maj-Britt Kentz 

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.1.2016.20

Volume 2 

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From Imitation to Open-ended Process – Using Contemporary Artwork Examples in the Creative Connections Project, pp.19-31

 Annamari Manninen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.1

Stretching the Limits, pp. 32-42

Mirja Hiltunen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.2

The Art of Art Education Increases in Lapland, pp. 43-54

Timo Jokela

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.3

Where Fragmentation and Integration Meet: Pedagogical Challenges and Opportunities for Museums of Contemporary Art,  pp. 55-63

 Karoliina Salo, Anniina Koivurova, Kaija Kähkönen

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.8

Interdisciplinary Intentions – Reflecting on my Teaching Practice, pp. 64-80

 Seija Ulkuniemi

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.4

Freedom Relations – Reflections on Sculpture, Space and a Human Being, pp.82-91

Jussi Mäkelä

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.5


Academic Fables, pp.92-104

Jouko Pullinen & Juha Merta

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.6

My Culture, My Roots – A Community Artproject with Nordic Children, pp. 105-114

 Tarja Karlsson Häikiö

DOI: 10.24981/2414-3332-3.2.2016.7